Herniated Spinal Discs Absorb Better
Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine, Jaseng Spine and Joint Research Institute
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Restoring the Self-Healing Power of the Spine through Scientifically-Proven Korean Medicine

Since its establishment in 1988, Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine has helped many patients unable to move from extreme pain due to severe disc herniation and nerve root compression recover and return to their everyday lives.

The intervertebral disc consists of the nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus with innervation to the outer portion of the annulus fibrosus, and thus the disc does not feel pain by itself. However, under excessive external force, the annulus fibrosus is no longer able to contain the nucleus pulposus, and the disrupted or extruded nucleus pulposus may compress the nerve root, incurring extreme pain. In cases of disc extrusion, non-invasive Korean medicine treatment may be more effective than surgery for swift pain reduction and improvement of self-healing power by strengthening the spine, joint, and nerve structures.

Self-healing power refers to the body’s ability to recover spontaneously from illness. It refers to the innate ability and power that helps us return to health when our body is sick or out of balance. It is easy to understand if you think of how the body heals itself if you give an injury wound time to recover after cleansing, or a fractured bone held in a cast.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine uses non-invasive treatments that employ an integrative medicine approach – comprising of conventional and 

Korean medicine – which determines the patient`s current condition using X-rays, MRIs, and blood tests, and strengthens and regenerates weakened bones and nerves to treat the fundamental cause of disorders, as opposed to temporary pain relief. As such, optimal evidence-based treatments are used to the aim of strengthening the body’s overall resilience and preventing recurrence.

The effects and safety of Jaseng treatments, including “Shinbaro herbal medicine,” the main herbal medicine used at Jaseng, “Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT),” and “Chuna Manual Therapy”, have been scientifically proven through research and papers published in collaboration with leading researchers affiliated with various world renowned national and international universities. Today, physicians from medical institutions around the world including the U.S., Russia, Kazakhstan and the Middle East come to our hospital to study our techniques. 

This book covers not only Jaseng’s treatments for herniated disc, but also personal stories from our doctors and patients. I hope that more medical staff and patients may become knowledgeable of Jaseng’s treatments, and that this knowledge may help them regain their self-healing power through non-invasive treatments rather than surgery to lead happier, healthier lives.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine will continue to work with commitment to contributing to the betterment of the health of mankind with such distinguished partners as Arkansas Colleges of Health Education (ACHE).

Dr. Joon-Shik Shin, KMD, Ph.D., S.D.

Jaseng Hospital of Korean Medicine


Restoring the Self-Healing Power of the Spine through Scientifically-Proven Korean Medicine (EN, KR) _ By Dr. Joon-Shik Shin, KMD, Ph.D., S.D.


Three Questions and Three Prejudices of Herniated Disc Patients Carry _ By Dr. In-Hyuk Ha, KMD, Ph.D.


_ By Brian G. Kim, J.D.


Herniated Discs Can Be Completely Cured with Non-Invasive Korean Medicine Treatment

CHAPTER 1 The Surprising Truth About Herniated Discs

1. Do You Need Surgery for Herniated Discs?

:: Surgery Is Not the Only Answer to Herniated Discs 25

:: Common Misconceptions About Different Types of Paralyses 27

2. Do Degrees of Disc Herniation and Pain Level Match?

:: Does the Lack of Pain Mean You`re Cured? 31

:: People Experience Pain Differently 34

3. Are Herniated Discs Naturally Absorbed Without Intervention?

:: Natural Healing Is More Than a Hope: It Is a Reality 37

:: How Do Extruded Discs Heal Themselves? 38

:: Treatments Are Required for Natural Healing 40

4. Are Re-Operations Necessary for Relapses After Disc Surgery?

:: Discs Become Weaker With Every Surgery 43

:: “Procedures” Are Also Surgeries 45

:: Non-Invasive Korean Medicine Treatment Is the Answer 47

5. Do All Back Pains Indicate Herniated Discs?

:: There Are Many Causes of Back Pain 51

:: Guillain-Barré Syndrome Has Symptoms Resembling Herniated Disc 52

:: Piriformis Syndrome and Arteriosclerosis Are Other Causes of Back Pain 55

6. Is Pain Treatment the Best Answer?

:: Pain Treatment Is Not Everything 57

:: Managing Discs Is More Important in Old Age 60

7. Is Disc Herniation an Internal Disease?

:: Disc Herniation Is Also an Internal Disease 63

:: How Do Discs Receive Nutrients? 65

8. Are Herniated Discs Caused by Bad Posture?

:: Posture Is Not the Definitive Cause 67

:: Fixed Posture Is More Dangerous Than Bad Posture 68

:: Does Family History Matter More Than Posture? 69

9. Be Careful About Exercising

:: Excessive Exercise Can Be Harmful 71

:: Do Not Exercise With Back Pain 74

CHAPTER 2 What Causes Herniated Discs?

1. Herniated Disc Is an Inevitable Disease

:: Herniated Discs in Place of Bipedalism 77

:: Pressures on Cervical Spine and Lumbar Spine 79

2. Discs Do Not Herniate Overnight

:: Discs Are Sturdier Than You Think 81

:: Disc Herniation Happens in Stages 83

3. Why Do Homemakers Suffer More From Herniated Discs?

:: Bent Back Leads to More Herniated Discs 87

:: Certain Occupations Are More Prone to Herniated Disc 89

4. Reasons for Herniated Discs Are Complex

:: Discs Do Not Herniate for One Reason 91

:: The Secret Is the Cause of Degenerating Discs 93

5. Do You Need MRI Scans for Herniated Discs?

:: MRI Is Required to Identify Your Disc Condition 97

:: You Don’t Need MRI Scans for Every Instance of Pain 99

Tests for Checking Your Disc Condition 101

CHAPTER 3 From Causes to Cures: Jaseng Non-Invasive Treatment

1. Herniated Disc = Surgery: How Was This Formula Broken?

:: MRI Disproved “Herniated Disc = Surgery” 107

:: Korean Medicine Treatment With Thousands of Years of Clinical Proof 109

2. Jaseng Treatment is 80; Patient Initiative is 20

:: “Will the Treatment Completely Cure Me?” 111

:: Lack of Pain Does not Mean Complete Recovery 113

3. Shinbaro Herbal Medicine: The Core of Non-Invasive Korean Medicine Treatment

:: Shinbaro Herbal Medicine, the Scientific Product of Chungpa-jun 115

:: Scientifically Proven Effects of Shinbaro Herbal Medicine: Anti-Inflammation, Nerve Regeneration, and Cartilage Protection 119

:: Shinbarometin: The Core Ingredient of Shinbaro Herbal Medicine 123

:: Shinbaro Pharmacopuncture: Acupuncture Delivery of Shinbarometin 124

Jaseng Bee Venom Pharmacopuncture Therapy 126

4. Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment (MSAT): Helping Patients Recover Themselves

:: Can Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment Relieve Paralysis? 129 

:: Global Limelight On the Effect of Motion Style Acupuncture Treatment 132

5. Chuna Manual Therapy: Restoring Distorted Spine and Muscles

:: Jaseng, the Origin of Korean Chuna Manual Therapy 137

:: Chuna Is a Self-Healing Therapy 138

:: Chuna Can Treat Musculoskeletal System and Internal Diseases 139

13 Cases of Herniated Disc Treatment 141

1. Confidence in Treatment Allows Herniated Discs to Pass Like a Cold 142

2. A Severe Patient From Russia Returns to Daily Life After Focused Treatment 145

3. An Early Pregnant Mother Recovered From Herniated Disc andGave Birth Thanks to Korean Medicine Treatment 148

4. Constantly Rupturing Discs Absorbed With the Willpower of the Patient 151

5. Two Surgeries and Three Relapses: The Malevolent Cycle Ended at Jaseng 154

6. Herniated Disc During Pregnancy Cured Through Korean Medicine, Allowing Smooth Childcare 157

7. Walking for 2 Hours After a Successful Treatment 160

8. Herniated Disc From Hard Work in the Restaurant, Healed Through the Power of Positivity 163

9. Experiencing Car Accident During Treatment Helped the Disc Absorb Back 166

10. Korean Treatment: The Best Choice of My Life 168

11. Effective Treatment Generates Patient Confidence 171

12. Maintenance Is the Best Disc Treatment 174

13. Curing A Childhood Friend’s Herniated Disc 177 

CHAPTER 4 Herniated Spinal Discs Absorb Better

1. Does Pain Subside When Herniated Discs Are Absorbed Back?

:: Why Do Herniated Discs Cause Pain? 183

:: 30% Absorption of Herniated Discs Reduce Pain 184

Self-Diagnosis for Herniated Discs 185

2. More Disc Ruptures Mean Better Absorption

:: Herniated Discs Absorb Back Even Without Surgery 187

:: More Acute and More Ruptures Mean Better Absorption 188

:: Can Absorption of Herniated Discs Be Predicted? 190

3. Disc Absorption Does Not Restore the Spine to Its Original State

:: Spinal Discs Change Constantly 193

:: Changes in Spinal Discs and Pain Do Not Always Go Together 194

4. Different Treatments and Management Strategies AreNeeded for Different Stages of Herniated Disc

:: Disc Herniation Happens in Stages 195

:: Pain Is No Sure Indicator in Early Stages of Herniated Disc 196

:: Chronic Disc Herniation Requires Patience and Relaxation 197

5. Inpatient Care Can Help Treat Herniated Discs

:: Inpatient Care Is Not Just for Surgery 201

:: Inpatient Care Has Different Values for Acute and Chronic Herniated Disc Conditions 202

CHAPTER 5 Surgery Must Be the Final Resort

1. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) Is Worse Than Untreated Herniated Discs

:: People Who Suffered More After Surgery 207 

:: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Destroys Quality of Life 210 

:: Integrative Korean Medicine Treatment Is Effective Against FailedBack Surgery Syndrome 212 

2. Only Certain Patients Require Surgery

:: Only 5-10% of All Patients Require Surgery 215 

:: The 4 Criteria for Surgery 216 

3. OX Quiz on Whether Conditions Require Surgery

:: What to Do When Doctors Recommend Surgery 219 

:: What If the Herniated Nucleus Pulposus Is Pressing Down on the Nerves? 220 

:: What If You Have Herniated Discs, Stenosis, and Degenerative Conditions? 221

:: What If the Pain Continues Even After Multiple Back Injections? 221 

:: What If the Condition Relapsed After Surgery? 222 

:: What If You Are Old, Diabetic, and Has Multiple Chronic Illnesses? 223 

:: What If You Have Herniated Discs in Both the Back and the Neck? 224 

:: What If Your Symptoms Are Similar to Those of Others Who HadHerniated Disc Surgery? 225 

:: What If You Are Paralyzed and Cannot Move? 226

:: What If You Want Quick Recovery? 227 

:: What If You Have Bowel Obstruction? 227 

:: What If Pain Is Lasting Long After the Treatment? 228 

:: What If You Do Not Think the Treatment Will Be Effective Due to Your Old Age? 228 

:: What If You Cannot Control Your Pain Even with Painkillers? 229

CHAPTER 6 Nine Small But Important Questions Asked by Herniated Disc Patients

Q1. How Long Does It Take to Treat Herniated Discs? 232 

Q2. What Should I Do to Prevent the Conditions From Relapsing? 235 

Q3. I Already Have Data From Another Hospital. Why Do I Need Another Scan? 237 

Q4. Can I Get Massages? 238 

Q5. Is It Better to Lie on the Floor or On the Bed? 239 

Q6. Can I Use the Handstanding Exercise Machine? What Exercises Should I Do? 240 

Q7. My Pain Keeps Traveling Between My Back and Hip. Is This Okay? 242 

Q8. What Conditions Should I Watch for? 243 

Q9. Why Is My Pain Worse at Night? 244 


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