수액요법의 실제(셋째판) 전재규, 박지훈 25,000 23,750won
간호사가 알려주는 병원 이야... 나카모토 리사 15,000 14,250won
쉽게 이해하는 point 해부생리... Yoko Uchida 25,000 23,750won
간호진단 길숙영 30,000 28,500won
신비한 몸속백과 니시모토 오사무(Osamu Nishimoto) 15,000 14,250won
화제의 신간
  • 간호진단 길숙영 30,000 28,500won
  • 간호사를 위한 건강사정 2판 Beth Hogan-Quigley, Mary Louise Palm, Lynn S. Bickley 43,000 40,850won
  • 정신건강간호학 7판 Norman L. Keltner, Debbie Steele 60,000 57,000won
  • 아동청소년간호학 2판 강경아, 김신정, 김현옥, 이명남 외 공저 80,000 76,000won
  • 노인물리치료학 2판 정락수 외 7명 35,000 33,250won
877의 상품이 있습니다.
  • Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel 10th Edition

    Judith Z. Kallenbach MSN RN CNN

    107,000 97,000won

    Get complete dialysis coverage and an excellent review for the certification exam! Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel, 10th Edition uses a concise Q&A format to cover the principles, diseases, and problems of dialysis treatment for kidney failure. A new chapter on case management of the patient with chronic kidney disease keeps you current with the latest in dialysis treatment and equipment. Dialysis expert Judy Kallenbach provides clear, easy-to-read guidelines that will apply to every member of the dialysis team, from technicians and nurses to social workers and patients.

  • 수액요법의 실제(셋째판)

    전재규, 박지훈

    25,000 23,750won

    모든 생체는 물과 공기의 힘으로 살아간다고 할 수 있다. 호흡과 순환은 생물의 생존에 필요한 일차적 기능이다. 생체는 물과 공기의 균형으로 일차적 생명을 유지한다. 따라서 수분의 공급과 배설은 생명과 직결됨으로, 수액요법과 호흡기능의 이해는 모든 의료인의 필수적 지식이 되어야 할 것이다. 과학은 쉴 사이 없이 발전하여, 20세기 말을 전후하여 아인슈타인의 상대성 원리와 막스 플랑크 등에 의한 양자역학 발달로 모든 물질은 에너지에서부터 온다는 가설이 정설로 확정되었고, 인간의 육체도 다른 모든 물질과 꼭 같은 원소로 만들어졌음을 이해하게 되었다. 인간의 육체는 원소가 결합 된 분자의 덩어리로 된 에너지의 집합체이다. 그러나 사람은 물과 산소와 같은 원소로 구성된 에너지의 융합체 이상의 초월적 존재, 즉 혼과 영과 육체가 결합된 전인적 존재이지만, 역시 H2O란 물과 O2란 산소와 수소 그리고 NaCl, KCl 등 26여 개의 원소가 뭉쳐진 육체와 함께 공존함으로 물과 공기의 가치가 더욱 새삼스럽다.

  • Skip to the beginning of the images gallery Developing Clinical Judgment for Professional Nursing an

    By Donna D. Ignatavicius, MS, RN, CNE, ANEF

    65,000 59,000won

    This one-of-a-kind workbook dedicated to developing clinical judgment skills helps prepare you for the Next-Generation NCLEX® Exam (NGN) through practical thinking exercises in which you will apply the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Clinical Judgment Model (CJM). A comprehensive collection of carefully developed clinical reasoning exercises range from basic to more complex and address all specialty areas. Answer key with robust rationales to remediate learning follows at the end of the book. Six-part organization guides you through the entire test plan and all eight NCLEX® Client Needs Categories.

  • Merenstein & Gardner`s Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care: An Interprofessional Approach, 9/e

    Sandra Lee Gardner RN MS CNS PNP

    130,000 117,000won

    Co-authored by an interprofessional collaborative team of physicians and nurses, Merenstein & Gardner’s Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care, 9th Edition is the leading resource for interprofessional, collaborative care of critically ill newborns. It offers comprehensive coverage with a unique interprofessional collaborative approach and a real-world perspective that make it a practical guide for both nurses and physicians. The new ninth edition features a wealth of expanded content on delivery-room care; new evidence-based care "bundles"; palliative care in the NICU; interprofessional collaborative care of parents with depression, grief, and complicated grief; and new pain assessment tools. Updated high-quality references have also been reintegrated into the book, making it easier for clinicians to locate research evidence and standards of care with minimal effort. These additions, along with updates throughout, ensure that clinicians are equipped with the very latest clinical care guidelines and practice recommendations ― all in a practical quick-reference format for easy retrieval and review.

  • Study Guide for Structure & Function of the Body, 16/e

    Kevin T. Patton PhD

    54,000 49,000won

    Learn to master the core terms, concepts, and processes related to the anatomy and physiology of the human body with the Study Guide for Structure & Function of the Body, 16th Edition! Corresponding to chapters from the main text, this comprehensive learning tool contains a variety of exercises and questions ― including, multiple choice, true or false, labeling, matching, application questions, crossword puzzles, and more ― to help you review, retain, and apply important A&P concepts.

  • Structure & Function of the Body - Softcover, 16/e

    Kevin T. Patton PhD

    95,000 86,000won

    Get a solid understanding of the human body! Using simple, conversational language and vivid animations and illustrations, Structure & Function of the Body, 16th Edition introduces the normal structure and function of the human body and what the body does to maintain homeostasis. To help make difficult A&P concepts easy to understand, this new edition features thoroughly revised content and review questions which reflect the most current information available and a unique 22-page, semi-transparent insert of the human body. Plus, Connect It! boxes throughout directly correlate to online content giving you additional clinical and scientific insights essential to patient care!

  • Ulrich & Canale’s Nursing Care Planning Guides: Prioritization, Delegation, and Clinical Reasoning,

    Nancy Haugen RN MN PhD

    78,000 71,000won

    Confidently plan individualized care for clients in acute care, extended care, and home care environments with Ulrich & Canale's Nursing Care Planning Guides: Prioritization, Delegation, and Clinical Reasoning, 8th Edition. This in-depth nursing care planning guide features 31 detailed nursing diagnosis care plans and 63 disease/disorder care plans that are keyed to specific expected outcomes and interventions. With updated content and the most recent NANDA-I® nursing diagnoses, NIC® interventions, and NOC® outcomes, it reflects the latest nursing taxonomies and evidence-treatment protocols. You’ll also receive access to a popular Online Care Planner that allows you to edit and print standardized nursing diagnosis care plans.

  • Foundations and Adult Health Nursing – Text and Virtual Clinical Excursions Online Package, 8/e

    Kim Cooper RN MSN

    260,000 234,000won

    Learn the skills essential to clinical practice with Foundations and Adult Health Nursing, 8th Edition! This all-inclusive guide to fundamentals and medical-surgical nursing for the LPN/LVN covers everything from anatomy and physiology to nursing interventions and maternity, neonatal, pediatric, geriatric, mental health, and community health care. Guidelines for patient care are presented within the framework of the nursing process; Nursing Care Plans are described within a case-study format to help you develop skills in clinical decision-making. In addition, the accessible, friendly overall style and clearly written review questions helps you to prepare for the NCLEX-PN? examination.

  • Clinical Companion for Fundamentals of Nursing, 10/e

    Patricia A. Potter RN MSN PhD FAAN

    52,000 47,000won

    To find the clinical facts you need to know, make this pocket guide your constant companion! Clinical Companion to Fundamentals of Nursing, 10th Edition includes the hard-to-remember facts, lab values, and abbreviations that are essential to providing optimal nursing care. Organized by the major concepts and principles of your nursing fundamentals course, this reference features a quick-access format with summary tables and bulleted lists. The Clinical Companion makes retrieving, reviewing, and retaining clinical facts and figures easier than ever!

  • Clinical Nursing Practices: Guidelines for Evidence-Based Practice, 6/e

    Sarah Renton

    54,000 49,000won

    The new edition of Clinical Nursing Practices reflects the many changes in nurse education and practice. A team of clinical and education experts has updated the core practices contained within this text, while to ensure continuity the previous editors have acted as consultants in the development of this edition. To reflect the continuing evolution of nursing and nursing practice, this new 6th edition emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practice, values-based care, person centred care, health and social care integration and interprofessional education.

  • Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills: Fundamental to Advanced

    Loren Stein

    143,000 129,000won

    Are you looking for a new way of learning skills? Do you want to learn how to problem solve and think conceptually? Stein and Hollen’s Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills: Fundamental to Advanced covers over 250 nursing skills in an innovative concept-based format with excellent illustrations, concise rationales, and current evidence. Unlike any other text, Stein and Hollen incorporate an overarching framework of seven critical concepts ― accuracy, client-centered care, infection control, safety, communication, evaluation, and health maintenance ― to drive home the importance of these key themes in performing nursing skills. Each section balances need-to-know narrative with step-by-step skills, and every chapter includes a detailed case study with a concept map to help you apply knowledge and use clinical judgement in clinical situations involving nursing skills.

  • Concepts for Nursing Practice (with eBook Access on VitalSource), 3/e

    Jean Foret Giddens PhD RN FAAN ANEF

    155,000 140,000won

    Learn the core concepts of nursing care and apply them to the clinical setting! Concepts for Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition uses a simplified, intuitive approach to describe 57 important concepts relating to all areas of nursing practice. For easier understanding, this book also makes connections among related concepts and links you to other nursing textbooks. Exemplars for each concept provide useful examples and models, showing how concepts are successfully applied to practice. New to this edition are updated research evidence and a new Population Health concept. Written by conceptual learning expert Jean Giddens, this text will help you build clinical reasoning skills and prepare confidently for almost any clinical nursing situation.

  • Study Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing, 10/e

    Geralyn Ochs RN ACNP-BC ANP-BC

    56,000 51,000won

    Get the most from your fundamentals course with the Study Guide for Fundamentals of Nursing, 10th Edition! Corresponding to the chapters in Fundamentals of Nursing, 10th Edition, this completely updated study guide helps reinforce your understanding of key nursing concepts through review questions, exercises, and learning activities. New question types and brief case studies help you study and prepare for your exams ― at the same time! With the purchase of a new text, bonus online skills checklists walk you through all of the book’s fundamental nursing procedures.

  • Health Assessment Online for Physical Examination and Health Assessment, Version 4 (Access Code)

    Carolyn Jarvis

    104,000 94,000won

    Online Course - Access Card. Get a dynamic, interactive learning experience! Ideal for distance-learning programs, hybrid courses, or enhanced classroom teaching, Health Assessment Online aligns with Jarvis's Physical Examination and Health Assessment, 8th Edition to bring content to life through engaging interaction. This bestselling online course resource offers more flexibility than ever before with enhanced accessibility, new 3D animations, revised Memory Match activities, and a library of more than 8,000 freestanding teaching/learning resources to complement online course presentations. Ready-to-use self-paced learning modules guide you through foundational content, and comprehensive case studies give you the opportunity to apply what you've learned!

  • Health Assessment Online for Physical Examination and Health Assessment (Access Code and Textbook Pa

    Carolyn Jarvis PhD APN CNP

    231,000 208,000won

    Brand new! I bought the wrong book for my class and couldn't return it to my school. This book does come with the access code.

  • Ethics & Issues In Contemporary Nursing

    Margaret A Burkhardt PhD FNP AHN-BC

    104,000 94,000won

    Learn how to think beyond the theoretical in any environment. Ethics & Issues in Contemporary Nursing, 1st Edition examines the latest trends, principles, theories, and models in patient care to help you learn how to make ethically sound decisions in complex and often controversial situations. Written from a global perspective, examples throughout the text reflect current national and international issues inviting you to explore cases considering socio-cultural influences, personal values, and professional ethics. Historical examples demonstrate how to think critically while upholding moral and professional standards, as well as the law. Key topics throughout explore advocacy and rights, diversity, nurse burnout, mass casualty events, social media, violence in the workplace, medication error prevention, opioid and other substance use, HIPAA, and healthcare reform. In addition, this new title contains supplemental case studies and review questions to further challenge and prepare you to make morally sound decisions in any healthcare setting.

  • Leading with Mastery and Heart: The Coaching Companion for Thriving Nurse Leaders

    Catherine Robinson-Walker

    43,000 39,000won

    Leading with Mastery and Heart: The Coaching Companion for Thriving Nurse Leaders provides expert, on-the-spot coaching for nurses who lead. Content centers on topic-specific columns that feature an easy-to-read, personable writing style not found in any other leadership title. Just a few of the hot topics covered in this collection are: how to stay centered and positive in the midst of highly stressful situations; how to manage resistance and negativity; how to provide inspiration along with direction; and how to combat limiting circumstances and beliefs. With its wealth of proven, real-world advice, Leading with Mastery and Heart: The Coaching Companion for Thriving Nurse Leaders is perfect for any current or aspiring nurse manager or executive looking to quickly and effectively hone their leadership skills.

  • Building Innovative Nurse Leaders at the Point of Care,An Issue of Nursing Clinics

    Kelly A. Wolgast

    64,000 58,000won

    Together with Consulting Editor Dr. Stephen Krau, Dr. Kelly Wolgast has put together a unique issue that discusses nursing leadership. Expert authors have contributed clinical review articles on the following topics: Sustainability Strategies and Nursing; Building Skills in Policy, Advocacy, and Media to Promote Population Health; Integrating Technology Innovation Into Practice; Leading Change in Nurse Bedside Shift Reporting; Decision-making at the Bedside; Making Good Use of Your Limited Time; Nursing Model of Care in Behavioral Health; Mentor Relationships to Build Individual Leader Skills; Sepsis Management in the ED; Importance of GIS Mapping and Disaster Preparedness; Nurse Characteristics and Effects on Quality; Interprofessional Models of Care; Magnet and the Direct Care Nurse; and Home Health Nursing Satisfaction and Retention. Readers will come away with the information they need to create a successful environment for nurses that ultimately results in improving patient outcomes.

  • Virtual Clinical Excursions Online and Print Workbook for Adult Health Nursing, 8/e

    Kim Cooper RN MSN

    98,000 89,000won

    One of the most complete nursing education learning systems available, Virtual Clinical Excursions 4.0 (VCE) is an interactive print and online workbook that guides you through a virtual hospital where the patients are real and their conditions are constantly changing. Each lesson features a core reading assignment from Adult Health Nursing, 8th Edition along with activities based on "visiting" the patients in the hospital. By immersing you in a realistic, yet safe, nursing environment, VCE simulates the average clinical rotation by allowing you to conduct a complete assessment of a patient and set priorities for care, collect information, analyze and interpret data, prepare and administer medications, and reach conclusions about complex problems. This unique virtual setting is the best way to learn about the complexities of patient care since it gives you the perfect environment to practice what you’ve learned.